Michigan drivers suffer from some of the highest and most volatile gasoline prices in the country. According to a recent survey, only Hawaii drivers pay more at the pump. Recent spikes in gas prices are said to be caused by trouble at regional refineries, but Michiganders have routinely seen overnight jumps in gas prices of 20 cents or more and often pay more for gasoline than drivers in neighboring states.

The House Democrats are calling on state Attorney General Bill Schuette to investigate Michigan's gas prices and to prosecute any retailer or wholesaler suspected of price gouging. We all lose when unscrupulous dealers use price fixing to make drivers pay more at the pump. Not only does it hurt Michigan drivers, but it discourages others from visiting our state at the height of tourist season, which also hurts the thousands of Michigan residents who rely on the tourist trade.

I am signing this petition to show my support for an investigation into Michigan's high gas prices. Michigan drivers need relief at the pump.

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